About the Organizers

Who plans the Jam?

The Organizing Team is a group of service design aficionados who all share a common belief that collaborative spaces, tools, and design processes can be used to create effective and impactful positive change.

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Yosef Shuman

Yosef Shuman, a human-centered service designer, has spent over a decade researching, designing, and delivering innovative services and experiences across the public and private sectors. As an early adopter and practitioner of service design in the US, Yosef has been a thought leader and advocate for the value this emerging field brings to the table: Presenting at events, leading workshops, and developing content for the greater design community.

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Jan Baker

Jan Baker is a champion of business, tech, social innovation/impact and design. She is the founder of The Innovashion Group, a design firm that uses cultural relevance in the planning and arranging of people, infrastructure, communication of services and experiences (both online and offline) in order to improve its quality without leaving anyone out in the process. Jan loves all things entrepreneurship, tech, mental health, justice & representation initiatives and her sassy dachshund named Honey.

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Tara Pokras


Tara Pokras is a design strategist, researcher and all around creative human. She likes to play at the intersection of design and social impact, and brings a public health and social justice lens to everything she touches. In addition, she is a co-organizer for POP UP! Design Sprint Labs, an immersive meet up for people that want to be creative and do good. When she’s not working or fighting injustice, you’ll often find her on a hiking trail or cooking up a storm in the kitchen!

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Lindsey Conklin

Lindsey Conklin serves as a Senior Researcher at the FrameWorks Institute where she designs communications strategies to create systemic change on topics ranging from the social implications of AI to racial equity to peacebuilding. Prior to joining FrameWorks, she worked as a research associate at Gehl Institute on projects related to community development and public space. In that role, she led the Institute’s first applied research projects which cut across several themes: public health, placemaking, mobility, and social cohesion. She loves all things social justice (and dogs)!

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Tyler McLeod

Tyler McLeod is a product designer with more than eight years of experience helping organizations craft functional, visually impactful design solutions. He specializes in digital and interactive design with a particular focus on data visualization and design systems. He currently works in the digital health sector, where he develops digital products aimed at improving the patient experience. When his creative juices aren’t flowing, you can find him traveling and perfecting his pour-over skills.

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Nicole Peraro


Stepping into the world of design from people operations and program management, Nicole has witnessed what design can bring to the user’s experience but also for how it can change organizations from within. She is fascinated by the idea that company culture can be designed and when designed well, the positive impacts it has on team effectiveness and employee happiness. You can find her at her dance studio training as a competitive ballroom dancer where she dances in the American Smooth division. Words like Foxtrot feather step and Waltz beats per minute spark joy for her.

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