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The 2017 DC Service Jam

The photos in this story were taken by Phil Jones (philip.a.jones@gmail.com). More images from the weekend can be found here


2017 Presenters & Coaches

DC Service Jam 2017 was made possible thanks to the support of generous sponsors.
A successful 2017 Jam depended on the hard work of our community collaborators.

About 40 Jammers joined us for the 2017 Jam at Maga Design's office in Washington, D.C.
Jam participants were welcomed & greeted with open arms, their profiles proudly displayed along the entrance for all to see, amazing Jam t-shirts, fun prototyping supplies and sharpies
to get the night started.

We kicked off the Jam with a little icebreaker using 'How Do You See Yourself' activity, watching the inspiration video created by the Global Jam, and bonding with teammates through a marshmallow challenge activity. Jammers shared their interpretations of the global theme,
brainstormed related services and formed teams around the most popular ideas.
Five groups took form and started working on their respective services.

On Saturday, participants heard presentations from design experts on key elements of service design
like user research, synthesis, ideation and prototyping.

Throughout the day on Saturday, Jammers headed out onto the streets in Adams Morgan to interview users.
They came back to Maga to make sense of their findings, ideate solutions, create prototypes
and iterate on their designs. Some groups even took their prototypes back out to test them with users.

Jammers worked long into the night to prototype, iterate, and prototype again. Groups gathered with partnering teams to have an ideation shoutout, to find out from others what was working and what was not during ideation and prototyping. Then, we prototyped some more!

On Sunday, each team presented its prototype and awards were presented to winners by vote from a panel of expert judges. Finally, all jammers were acknowledged for all their hard work and dedication.

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